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    SAP cyber security risk assessment

    We can help assess your SAP security posture by providing a 360 degree view of current security processes and policies. We bring our specialty in SAP Cyber Security area to check for vulnerabilities at application and data layer. Our recommendations are based on SAP secure heat map and we check every layer of SAP, be it secure setup, secure operations to infrastructure security. Our risk assessment can become a starting point in compliance journey and can help plan for compliance efforts.

    Our approach to risk assessment is based on key principle of confidentiality, integrity and availability of organization's key information, using these principles we align  our information security review mission critical applications.

    NIST Cyber Security Framework

    UxTech team can help define cyber security risk management strategy.

    NIST Framework is a risk-based approach to managing cybersecurity risk, and is composed of three parts: the Framework Core, the Framework Implementation Tiers, and the Framework Profiles. Each Framework component reinforces the connection between business/mission drivers and cybersecurity activities.
    Risk management is the ongoing process of identifying, assessing, and responding to risk. To manage risk, organizations should understand the likelihood that an event will occur and the potential resulting impacts. With this information, organizations can determine the acceptable level of risk for achieving their organizational objectives and can express this as their risk tolerance
    Source: NIST publication and website
    NIST Framework uses risk management processes to enable organizations to inform and prioritize decisions regarding cybersecurity. It supports recurring risk assessments and validation of business drivers to help organizations select target states for cybersecurity activities that reflect desired outcomes. Thus, NIST Framework gives organizations the ability to dynamically select and direct improvement in cybersecurity risk management for the IT and ICS environments.

    Cloud Security Guidance

    We can help customers in cloud journey by acting as trusted advisor for securing information assets in the cloud and secure integration of on premise and cloud security practices. We are certified Cloud Security Alliance practitioner and will bring CSA framework for cloud security implementation using STAR foundation tools like Cloud Control Matrix (CCM) and CAIQ. We can help customers meet compliance standards by acting as liaison with Cloud Service Providers (CSP's) and applying CSA's security guidance for critical areas of cloud infrastructure.

    for more information on STAR and CSA security guidance, contact us.
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