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    Security Services

    We offer security services  in wide range of SAP products, we bring our expertise in all areas of Secure Operations reference model published by SAP.

    Source of secure operations map: support.sap.com

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    Run SAP Security

    We are specialized in 5 layers of SAP Security and can help customers apply "RUN" SAP methodology to Security Operations of SAP shop. We are uniquely positioned to help SAP customers with not just SAP secure operations, but can provide compliance and cyber risk assessment to NON-SAP systems as well. Our risk assessment methodology is based on industry standards like NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISO 27001 and COBIT.
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    Service Model

    Our approach to security services is based on principle that "Adequate Security" is needed to operate effectively. We can apply this principle by doing a comprehensive security risk analysis and applying baseline measures to meet compliance needs. For anything beyond best practices and baseline measures, we can suggest additional measures based on our cyber security specialization.
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    UX/UI Design Services

    Allow us to demo how SAP new UI strategy can add value to user experience improvement and streamline security setup by combining both UI design and secure operations.

    Innovation Services

    We will help you identify new innovative ideas by leveraging power of SAP Cloud Platform integration with your existing SAP footprint or legacy applications.

    Managed Services

    Are you tired of waiting for quick turnaround from SAP Support, Experience 24/5 security operations center model for managing SAP operations, be it security or other technical areas of operations.

    Compliance Audit

    Are you spending long hours in compliance audit? Focus on your core business operations and allow us to provide specialized audit services, we specialize in cyber security assessment and SAP secure operations.