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    Our Services

    UxTech believes strongly that User Experience drives innovation, as such we bring our unique combination of expertise in User Interface tools and Experience factor to implement Fiori applications whether it be on-premise or integration with cloud platform.

    Our implementation is focused on people, business & technology, we bring to table our technology experience in SAP UI5 and other web open standards to integrate Fiori with not just SAP applications but at enterprise level.

    Fiori Implementation

    We take Rapid Deployment Approach for Fiori implementation, taking into consideration agile methodology.

    Our design thinking is focused on starting with simple design and expand on successful implementation cycles.

    Our services delivery model is based on SAP's best practice approach with Fiori design guidelines, user-centric, design-driven and simple business processes.

    Our value proposition

    We bring a unique value proposition in fiori implementation with application security best practices, we believe user experience can be improved with simplified business process and delivering secure data to end-users. Customers don't have to invest time and energy in securing applications again, as we deliver role based fiori implementation.

    We also integrate User Experience as Service in our implementation and train users to be productive. Our implementation service leverages SAP delivered tools and platform to deliver fiori with less coding and more standardized processes.