• SAP Security Health Check Call

    No cost no obligation free one hour SAP Security health assessment

    Are you ready to risk your SAP investment due to poor security setup?

    Are you ready to risk data loss due to weakness in your SAP Security?

    Book our 1 hour free complimentary SAP Security health check call and boost your compliance framework for SAP systems. Ux Team security expert will walk you through current risks and findings.

    Our service will explore, not limited to:

    1. High level baseline understanding of current security setup

    2. Current security practices compared against SAP best practices.

    3. Utilize repeatable Security Optimization Service

    4. Review SOS report

    *1 production client of customers choosing
    *Solution Manager minimum requirements met, we will work with you before our call to check pre-requisites. If you don't meet pre-requisites, don't worry, we can run our generic validation tool.
    *Meeting info and pre-requisite questionnaire sent out after meeting confirmation.

    Schedule your free health check call with us.